communal areas
Villa Amatista has five independent living/working spaces and a large number of communal areas where sessions, ceremonies and retreats for groups and individuals can be organized. It has extensive ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens, a dedicated spiral and a separate fire-pit for ceremonies.
This spacious, elegant room is equipped with smooth hardwood floors, a wood stove at one end and a full sound system. There are plenty of yoga mats, blankets cushions of all sizes to make it comfortable and nourishing.

Much healing and transformation has taken place here and the space is charged with the energy of awakening.

Mongolian Yurt Group Room
Our traditional Mongolian Yurt is set in the privacy of the gardens below the main house. Circular, with wooden floors, the yurt is fully equipped with rugs, cushions, mats and even electricity for your sound system – and is completed by a detached toilet and shower hut. We have also provided an outside sink and countertop fitted with electric points for making hot beverages.
Swimming pool
Our outdoor chlorine-free, salt water swimming pool is solar-heated so is available to be used for relaxation and group activities year round.
The Spiral Labyrinth and the Fire Circle
Both of these beautiful sacred spaces were created during shamanic retreats. The Spiral Labyrinth is a more intimate space, while the Fire-Circle can accommodate larger gatherings. They are perfect for fire ceremonies, cleansing and healing rituals, and a myriad other possible celebrations.
Our gardens
A tranquil green, oasis, Amatista is surrounded by the vineyards and volcanoes of La Vegueta, in the heart of Lanzarote.

With swaying palms trees, endless varieties of cacti, aloe and other desert plants planted beside twisting pathways, hidden nooks and hilltop lookouts, the rambling gardens allow you to find your spot for meditation or creativity.

We also have an extensive organic vegetable garden which showers us with a variety of juicy nutrient rich vegetables and herbs.

In keeping with our eco-awareness, all the plants except in our vegetable gardens are nourished by ‘grey’ water recycled from the house and apartments.

The Kitchen
We have a number of wonderful chefs available who are able to cater for your event if needed. All our accommodation spaces are equipped with or have use of a kitchen, if participants wish to cater for themselves. Alternatively, there are plenty of fabulous local restaurants within easy reach.